The cooperation in the field of humanitarian volunteering means making one’s own human capital available to the Other: living a direct experience of this kind is a precious opportunity for personal growth, which implies the ability to get involved and to be able to adapt to different situations.

Volunteers come from Switzerland, Italy and other European countries, with educational and/or medical qualifications and/or professional backgrounds. This does not mean that people coming from different educational and professional backgrounds cannot make a great contribution to the mission. On the contrary, they can provide an outside perspective.

Requirements to become a volunteer:

– To be at least 18 years old; – A minimum stay of 15 days, except for the summer period (June-September), when the minimum stay is of 21 days.

Testimonies and stories

Reflection of Viola

“Writing about Greece, writing about the microcosm in which people live in Kerapsies asked me all the emotional forces I have in my body. When Ale, an Aletheia volunteer who was with me on the last day, asked me to put everything I heard in one word, I knew what to say: watershed.