• Community Center
    Cheriapsies As evidence of the growth achieved in 2020 and the desire to continue investing energy and money in what is being built with partners Vasilika Moon and OBTI, a new project was inaugurated as soon as the lockdown in Greece was concluded (January 2021). It consists of a new …

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  • EVERYONE School
    The Community School is a welcoming and safe place to stay, to learn new skills, and to make new acquaintances. The facility, inaugurated in August 2020, in a very short time, has become a space for learning, playing, meeting, listening and sharing for both children and adults. Thanks to the …

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  • SolidariTir
    The project is launched several times during the year. This project was carried out for the first time in October 2020 and it is the result of the desire to plan ahead the aid needed for the ongoing humanitarian emergency in Greece As winter approaches, and the climatic conditions worsen, …

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