Aletheia RCS is a non-profit humanitarian organization, founded in Ticino in May 2019. The word “Aletheia” comes from Greek and it cannot be translated. It is used to refer to something that no longer needs to be hidden and that can finally reveal itself because it has never been forgotten.

Aletheia RCS is committed to bringing concrete aid to migrants who are stuck in refugee camps in Greece. In addition, Aletheia RCS is committed to informing the population in Switzerland about the reality of migration in Greece.

Mission in Greece

Corinth is the main focus of the mission, but Aletheia RCS and its partners are also aware of Corinth’s surroundings’ realities In fact, their work in Greece ranges from opening of two community spaces near the refugee camp in Corinth, to arranging the collection of humanitarian goods in Switzerland and Italy. These are intended to be distributed to the many people that, because they are excluded from the reception system, are forced to live on the streets of Athens. A further goal of Aletheia is to establish partnerships with other NGOs. This is because the organization firmly believes that building a large network that includes other realities can help with resource optimization.

By giving them daily support, the overall goal is to preserve the physical,
social, and economic integrity of refugees.
it is believed it can foster social integration and independence, the organization focuses on supporting projects that promote education.
projects that promote education.

Activity in Ticino

A major goal of Aletheia is an increasingly constant presence in Ticino and in Switzerland. In fact, to ensure the organization’s growth and the achievement of its goals, the work focuses mainly on fund-raising for the mission and on looking for new supporters and volunteers. Event planning and promotion, as well as local voluntary work, are equally important aspects of the organization’s work in Switzerland, with a view to encouraging interpersonal and intercultural exchanges.